An Offbeat Weekend in Split, Croatia

I adore Split. I went there a few years ago on the first of many road trips with my friend Hamilton (blog post here). We travelled from Zagreb, down to Plitvice, then onto Split and Hvar before finishing in Dubrovnik. It was out of season, just before everyone and their Mother started planning trips and … Continue reading An Offbeat Weekend in Split, Croatia


Afternoon Tea at Cliveden House: A Very British Day Out

Now, even though I have recently been tempted over onto the dark side... Coffee. I do still absolutely love drinking tea. I mean, this blog literally has tea in the title - it would be a crying shame if I abandoned something which for so long, has been part of my life mantra. Hence why, … Continue reading Afternoon Tea at Cliveden House: A Very British Day Out

8 Things Not To Miss in Lisbon, Portugal

I didn't really know what to expect with Lisbon. I'd seen the pictures of beautiful streets and rooftop bars but still wasn't sure of the overall vibe of the city. It's become a very popular destination recently with almost everyone I know going, or planning to go. This is sometimes something I can get a … Continue reading 8 Things Not To Miss in Lisbon, Portugal

How To Spend A Weekend In York

York was somewhere I had dreamed about going for a long time. It’s beautiful, historic and quintessentially English. To be completely honest, I’m not sure how I went this long without going. I’m so glad that I made it to York - it’s a really fun city with an amazing past; it was founded in … Continue reading How To Spend A Weekend In York

48 Hours in Brussels, Belgium

Brussels isn't somewhere I had ever hugely considered, I didn't know that much about it and to this day, I'm not quite sure how we ended up deciding to go there. Nonetheless, I'm glad that we did. It's not a huge city centre - small but perfectly formed, with a lot of history, great biscuits … Continue reading 48 Hours in Brussels, Belgium


And on the second day, the clocks changed. Thus, we did not rise until late morning. Yet, it was still Sunday so we weren't in a rush, so we awoke slowly and meandered to Amersfoort train station, where we caught a train in to Amsterdam central to see some of the best modern art The … Continue reading MODERN ART IN MUSEUM SQUARE | AMSTERDAM DAY 2 | WEEKEND WANDERING


I've been to the Tate Modern a bunch of times. Once, I even had the joy of almost getting stuck in a stairwell there - it was 5 minutes before closing time. The lifts were super busy. We decided to walk down around 14 flights of stairs and when we got to the bottom, the … Continue reading TATE MODERN | WEEKEND WANDERING


After what feels like an age (#countrysidewifiproblems) my vlog has FINALLY uploaded. It's genuinely taken since last Saturday. So, please, please give it a watch! It features Hamilton, Dan and I; three musketeers that ventured around London to see what's what in the English capital. Suffice to say, we had a lot of fun. Find … Continue reading LONDON | VLOG | WEEKEND WANDERING