A Long Weekend in the Austrian Mountains

This past New Year my friends and I were incredibly fortunate to stay at the holiday home of one of our friend's parents in a small village near the Austrian border, not far from Udine and Bled. We flew into Venice and from there it was roughly a 2.5 hour drive to the village; we … Continue reading A Long Weekend in the Austrian Mountains



After yesterday's post you might be wondering if pessimism has got the better of us. Thankfully, it's quite the opposite; 2015 has been pretty damn good to our little circle. To prove it we got together to discuss the BEST moments in our 2015 travels: Hamilton When I was in a small village in the Austrian alps, … Continue reading BEST TRAVEL MOMENTS 2015


The recent cold and fog has given me some mountain vibes; I've been skiing since I was 5, mostly in Europe and once in America. You could even say skiing is in my blood, I mean it's pretty much the reason for my existence... Without it my parents wouldn't have met whilst in Soll, Austria. … Continue reading MY TOP 5 FAVOURITE SKI AREAS