In what now seems to be my favourite type of post to write, here is another ‘London From Above’. This time, it’s ‘Roof East’. It’s a bit different from Tower Bridge/St Paul’s Cathedral, well I say a bit different, almost polar opposite aside from the fact that it is up high because it isn’t historical and it’s not actually a place people go to see the view.

Roof East is in Stratford, East London (basically opposite Westfield – the easiest way to get there from Central London is the tube: either the Central/Jubilee Line). It takes up the top floor of a car park and is made up of a few different activities that change based on the season. It isn’t fully undercover although certain parts of it (ie the bar) are inside and toasty warm.



In winter, there is a themed bar with different cocktails and hot alcoholic drinks like mulled wine and cider. They also have board games and often a DJ, plus different nights on. As well as the bar, there is also curling, which is not something I get to write everyday. My boyfriend Fred and I accidentally attended the opening night of this winter bar recently and I’m not going to lie, it was delightful – we had no idea that it was turning into an alpine bar and pretty much stumbled into it. It wasn’t too busy, so we easily got a table and spent the evening drinking winter beverages and playing jenga. I think if it was a lot busier, it wouldn’t be quite as cozy and cute, so pick your time; maybe go midweek as opposed to a Friday night. Also, check which events they have on because that will affect your evening too.

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Cheers! 🍹

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In summer, there are lot more activites, like an open air cinema, roller skating, batting cages and more, but being an open air venue, all of those things would be pretty rubbish in winter. There’s deck chairs, music, cars with trees growing out of them – you know, the usual.

I really like going to Roof East, it’s pretty chill most of the time and a nice place to go during summer (but watch out for sun burn, I actually managed to get sun stroke when I was there last summer because my stupid self didn’t consider the fact that being on the roof of a car park only drinking beer with no sun cream on might land me in some trouble).

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Bring it on weekend!💃🏻🍹☀️

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Ok yes, it can often gets pretty busy and the drinks are a bit pricey and at the end of the day you can still tell that its a car park but nonetheless, its somewhere a bit different to go and if its hot, its great.
One thing I almost definitely should have mentioned earlier on though, is that people don’t really come here for the view. In fact, the tents around the edge that contain the bars, roller skating etc, pretty much hide the view. There are certain spots you can see from I believe, so if you are desperate for a view, it is possible. In all honesty, I’ve always been too distracted by what’s going on around me up there to even consider it.
Maybe for that reason, it doesn’t quite belong in a ‘London From Above’ series, nevertheless, its up high and there’s more to do than just go up there to see things, which is why I’m a fan. If you can get a chair to sit on, that is.

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Almost weekend! 😀

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