During our first week here in Toronto, the weather was wild. Well, the weather was warm. Very warm. Which was pretty wild for us Brits.

Coming from London, all people repeatedly said to us about moving to Canada was that it was going to be cold. I mentally prepared myself to step off the plane and feel like an ice cube in a freezer tray…

It could not have been more different; the first week we were here, it was around 30 degrees all day and even into the evening, and no-one here blinked an eye because it’s NORMAL. We were blown away by it. I mean, I did not pack for this scenario at all. I did pack 4 jackets and a million pairs of thick socks though, so that really helped me out when we were drinking beers outside in the warm, evening air.

I make it sound like I was unhappy about this weather – honestly, we were overjoyed and of course, decided to make the most of it. All around the city are bikes for hire (like Boris Bikes in London and rental bikes in many other cities all over the world), in Toronto the scheme is simply called ‘Bike Share Toronto’. Which I imagine took many hours and board meetings to come up with because well, its genius. Absolutely does what it says on the tin.

We paid for 24 hour hire of one of those, which costs $7 (top tip by the way, it doesn’t mean you can have the bike for 24 hours. You have to put it back every 30 minutes for some reason. We found this out the hard way. It cost us more than $7).

We cycled along the lake, to the Humber Bay Arch Bridge in Etobicoke, stopping off at one of the beaches along the way. Its a really easy trail with a little bit of uphill but do-able (children were doing it). Its pleasant, serene and even though it was a really warm day, wasn’t that busy.

I think in summer, there are more things open on the way like swimming baths and fast food places so it might be busier then, but in September it was a joy. It was genuinely such a lovely way to spend a morning, even though my legs were killing me, and it absolutely blew me away how beautiful the area surrounding Toronto is. It’s so rare to be in a city that has all of that right on your door step, as well as, all of the benefits a city has.

Since moving here I genuinely feel so much healthier than I’ve ever felt. I don’t know if its the fact that I’m not working, or the clean air, or just something in the water but Hamilton and I have been exercising, we’ve been eating better (we actually went to the gym BEFORE doing this bike ride). Whatever it is, it’s pretty damn good and I highly recommend it.





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