Looking back it’s crazy how much you can fit in during a day whilst traveling. All day at a desk plus a few things after work every now and again is so far from that, I almost can’t believe it. This makes it all the more lovely to look back and see how much we managed on this trip.

On our first day in Vancouver, we woke up in my Great Aunt Kathleen’s house not so super early for once. In all honesty, by this point we were pretty knackered and it was nice to be in the comfort of a house, especially that of someone we know! Hence our sleeping brains made the most of it.

By the time we finally got dressed and made it downstairs, Kathleen was very happy to see us and (after a spot of tea – she is still British, after all), she rushed us out the door and into her car. I have to admit, after a week without a car of our own it was nice to be back inside one, but even nicer not to have any stress about driving it.

She took us to Granville Island Public Market which I am still ever so slightly in love with. Lots of fresh produce, including fruit and vegetables in shapes and sizes I’m sure I’ve never seen before – Kathleen took great pleasure in lifting up items and showing us how large/colourful they are compared to the ones back home.


As well as produce, there was also all kinds of food including chocolates, pastries, meats, bubble tea… Hint: chew the bubbles, definitely do not do what I did the first time I had it in London and accidentally swallow about 5 whole bubbles.

Plus, handmade art, clothes and much more. It was a beautifully warm day, in the middle of the week so not too busy, which meant we could grab a seat in a cafe overlooking the harbour and watch all the little boats go by.


Kathleen had other things to do, and parking meters running out, so after cake she left my Mum and I there to explore for ourselves. We had heard about the Capilano Suspension Bridge, and never been on one before, so made our way up there. To get to the bridge, you have to pay for a ticket to the entire park, which includes a few different activities, like a ‘treetop adventure’ and a cliffwalk. Even on a weekday it was quite busy, and because of this I can’t say I think it was worth the price of entry, nonetheless, we had fun strolling through the trees and I personally had fun on the bridge, though I can’t say quite the same for my Mum who is fairly afraid of heights (she did give it her best though, of course!)

Once we’d had our fill of treetops (after a couple of hours) we had to get our butts in gear and figure out our next plan of action because we had places to be. Turns out that a good thing about going to the park is that there is a free bus you can jump on that will drop you in the city, where we needed to go. Well, it drops you at certain locations which turned out to be nowhere near our end location, but considering it was still a 30 minute walk to our end destination, it definitely helped ease our journey.


Where were we in such a rush to get to, you ask? Why, the station of course.

Because our next stop (for a night/day) was Seattle, Washington in the US of A. Which I will enlighten you about soon.






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