#WinteryWednesday – Natural History Museum’s Ice Rink, London

Not long ago I filmed at the Natural History Museum ice rink, and adjoining alpine bar for work. And it was beaut. Yes, it’s a bit overpriced and crowded, but it’s Christmas in London – where isn’t?

Now, I’m not actually a big fan of ice skating but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good one when I see it: other people seemed to be having fun – there’s Music playing, tiny penguin things to help children skate, and mulled wine being served for the adults. Plus, there’s a bar AND it’s right by the NHM, so if you’re bored of skating you can go and see some dinosaurs.
Also, fun fact – the Christmas tree in the centre of the ice is supposedly the most expensive in London as its sponsored by Svarovski and covered in their tiny crystals.

I’m sure all Londoners / anyone with any knowledge of London already knows about or has visited the ice rink, but if not OR you’re a tourist, I must say there are a million and one fun things to do in London but for Christmas, this one is worth the trip.



P.S. Don’t worry, Wintery Wednesday isn’t about to become a thing. I just thought it was fun.


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