On yesterday’s post, I explained how we got from Hvar to Omis – safe to say, that all worked out. I drove, and we were right at the front of the ferry, without having to do any weird parking like before. In fact, we were so freely parked, on the second half of the journey they put the front bit down so you have a lovely view of the sea (and a rope), yep, all that was stopping us from the sea was a rope, and our handbrake. Which we ensured was very, very tightly on.

This day was a bit of a mission, in that we had to go back on ourselves in order to go ziplining. But going an hour out of your way to go ziplining is really not the end of the world.

So we drove up to Omis on the ocean road (beautiful), to Omis (also quite beautiful) and when we got there, it was raining (less beautiful) so they said they weren’t sure if we would safely be able to zipline. So, we had a wander round (it was a bit deserted, but still nice) and came back an hour later as asked, when we were told the excellent news that we could go.

So along with 3 Canadians, two Finnish guys and girls, and two instructors, we made our way up to a trail, where we had a short lesson in braking, before we walked to the first zipline. It was very easy, you just reach your hands above your head and apply pressure when you need to brake. The instructor holds his hand up when you need to brake, as it’s a bit hard to judge on your own (it’s a bit awkward when you end up ages away from the final platform because you were a bit over zealous with the braking) and then they unclip you and you’re good.

It was honestly great fun, it’s not scary (in my opinion), because you don’t ever have that heart in mouth, *I’m falling* moment, because you sit into the harness right at the top. Also, a lot of them are quite long, so you actually have a chance to enjoy the view. I would definitely recommend it!

It’s a little expensive in comparison to everything else in Croatia, but it’s worth it – if you did the same thing somewhere else it would probably cost you a bunch more. The instructors are also really fun, and super enthusiastic. Plus, where else are you going to get to zipline between canyons? (If you have a legit answer to that I’d love to know so I can do it all over.)

After a short drive in the van back to our car, we got in our little Skoda Fabia and went back down the country towards Dubrovnik. To get there, the easiest way (unless you get a ferry out and back in again? I honestly don’t have another route to be honest, I don’t know if that’s even possible) is to drive through Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s not far, maybe an hour out of 3.5, but be aware there is a border where you’ll be stopped.

The whole journey was very pretty, but it was getting later into the evening because we’d stopped off, so our main focus was just getting to the guesthouse. We got a bit confused about parking, but the owner’s quickly sorted us out and showed us the space they’d already got for us.

Honestly though, every single place we went to we were completely overwhelmed with how lovely the people were. Croatian hospitality is fantastic. They seemed to get nicer as we went further down the country. The owners to the place in Dubrovnik lived in a huge house, a stone’s throw from the old town, which was beautifully decorated and clean as a whistle. She was also really happy to have us there, or at least very good at acting like it. She was constantly offering tea and coffee, and we basically want to live there and for her to adopt us.

I think she would have as well. She said her son was often away at sea, so she gets lonely. (Yes, our hearts melted.) Oh, and she gave us a gift! She explained the history of the house and then gave us an old picture of it. As aforementioned, I’ll post a list of all the places we stayed in another post. Though I’m not sure I want to tell people really. We kind of want them all to ourselves.

Once we’d settled into the room we went for a wander round the town, got some dinner just outside the old city walls (It’s a bit more expensive in Dubrovnik, but it was a lovely atmosphere so we didn’t mind) and then had a wander round. We were a bit knackered by this point, so that was pretty much our lot for the day, but we got a good idea of what we were going to do the next day and slept well with dreams of Targaryens and Dragons flying overhead. (GoT is filmed there: I don’t even really watch it but it’s still quite exciting.)

There is a video from ziplining, in fact, there’s one I’ve put together of the whole trip, but I’ll save it for a couple of days when I post about all the accommodation.








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