Having just been through the longest tunnel in the world, our expectations were set pretty high. Alesund did not disappoint.

To be honest, in comparison to the other cities we visited, Alesund was a pretty last minute addition, but I’m so, so glad it was. I knew barely anything about it, but I saw it was beautiful and had a few interesting museums etc, so went for it.

We arrived at around 9pm to our hotel, the ‘Scandic Alesund’ which was lovely. I think it’s a chain in Norway, but it still felt very homey. Big chairs in the reception and really helpful people. They had a car park which was great… Aside from the fact it was an eensy bit tight. By that, I mean, the hole we had to get the car through was car sized. And it was on a bend. Never have I wished that I rode a motorbike, or got the train, or walked… More.

Once we’d got that out of the way, it was very pleasant. We went to the reception, and upon confirming that no, we did just want one room for the four of us, and receiving a (slightly hilarious) raised eyebrow upon seeing two girls and two guys share one room (we’re just friends), we went to our room. It was set up as a family room, with one of those beds that move up and down. It was all very exciting for us.

Our room overlooked the sea, it was quiet and clean. We couldn’t want for more. Aside from food…

As it was late there was barely anywhere open, except from a chip shop that the receptionist helpfully pointed out to us. That was average.

After a beautiful night sleep in a bed that was slightly folded up since I couldn’t find the remote, we woke up early and explored in the daylight. Well, it’s always light in Norway, but it was a bit brighter. It was Sunday so there wasn’t a lot going on, but there was still the hustle and bustle of people out with their families. It was the first time in the trip I really felt like I was on holiday. Bergen and Oslo I truly felt like I could live there, but Alesund felt like an escape to a whole other world. It was small, but that made it.

We had a wander, before going to the Alesund Museum. I’m sorry if I lead you on in the last post, but that’s where we saw a bear. It was ever so slightly dead and stuffed. As were many other (at times random because we didn’t speak Norwegian) animals.

We didn’t go to any other local museums, but I wish we had. This one was fantastic. Set on top of a hill in a little yellow house, it had loads on display. Including a very interesting floor about the jobs of the local people.

Our favourite bit, by far, was our voyage on the egg boat. By this, I mean they had a replica of a boat that was used to sail across the Atlantic with four people in. Being able to climb in and out of it, sit in the beds, listen to the sounds of the sea really put it all in perspective. I mean, the boat was only slightly bigger than our car, and they had to live in it. Together. With no phones, no getting out to wander. Amazing.

We didn’t spend much longer here, as our next destination was Trondheim. And a stop off point on the way there was… The Atlantic Road. The inspiration for the entire trip.

I shall continue with that tomorrow. But I can tell you now, it’s there. It’s a real thing. And I drove on it.


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