Travel Tea Tv is run by Abi. She works in TV, enjoys drinking Tea (She is British) and Travels as often as possible. Working freelance allows her to take trips in between contracts, however she tends to do very long hours when she is at work hence sometimes other fun and interesting travellers get involved, such as Hamilton, Naomi and Gemma.

This blog will host photographs, videos and tales from around the globe, as well as, recommendations of books, TV shows and films that the contributors like, that have assisted/boosted/inspired these trips and (of course) hints on where to find lovely tea.

Mostly, we’d like to make this blog fun and hopefully, at times, funny. We’re pretty positive people and hopefully this will come off in our posts. Nonetheless travelling is a beautiful way to cleanse your mind, so don’t be surprised to find some life affirming moments. With all the amazing experiences the world has to offer, they’re difficult to avoid. Sometimes they’ll come from far off lands, and other times, from our door steps. We’re all in our twenties and still looking for some guidance, be it towards purpose, personality or simple joy.

We understand that experience is key here and always try to be brave and take that step. But this isn’t to say we want to make the same mistakes others already have, so if you have any hints/tips for us, wherever we go/whatever we do, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

Travel Tea TV