Happy Sunday Y’all!

What are you lovely people up to? Personally, I’m off to the Star Wars exhibition at the o2 which is pretty cool (in my slightly nerdy eyes, anyway).

As per usual, no Sunday is worthwhile without some good music so here goes:



I will never every deny how much I love Miley Cyrus. I know that’s controversial, but I refuse to even call her a guilty pleasure because I just really like her and her music. She knows what she wants and she goes out there and gets it.

This is her new single and even if you’re not a fan, I say give it a chance. It’s a chilled tune, which is completely different from her last couple of albums. The video is set on the beach and its a great Sunday tune.



Sorry in advance for this one, because you know what, I kind of lied earlier. Sunday is great for good music, but I’m not sure if that’s what I’d describe this as. I mean, its really not a great song.

Nonetheless, I’ve decided on a beach theme (just now) and this is an absolute summer tune, for reasons I cannot explain. If you’re driving along the coast somewhere in the sun, with your friends, stick this on and you won’t regret it. Extra points if you learn the words.


As per usual, all of these songs can be found on our Spotify playlist, so please follow along and let us know if you’ve got any suggestions we can add.






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