Only 10 short months after our trip to Berlin, I finally got around to putting together our vlog. I love editing these things together because its insane how much you forget. Obviously we didn’t film every second of our trip (like the beer drinking, for example) because we still like to experience it for ourselves and actually have a holiday. Plus, some places just aren’t too keen on you filming there and we are rule abiding citizens.

One of these places was the film and television museum, which was such a shame because it was honestly one of my favourite parts of the trip. I still did get a chance to write about it though and found some pictures of it online which I included here: https://travelteatv.com/2016/07/21/sunday-in-berlin-trapped-in-a-science-fiction-museum/

Click below to watch the video on our YouTube channel (TravelTeaTv) and if you have a google account we’d love to connect with you, so leave us a comment on the video and we’ll subscribe to your channel!

P.S. Happy May Monday!






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