It’s Sunday. Time to chill, drink tea, nap and dream of those faraway places we love so dearly. Unless of course, you’re already lucky enough to be there, in which case – why are you reading this! Put your phone/tablet/laptop down and go exploring. This can 100% wait.

Otherwise, here are a couple of songs I’ve been listening to recently that have put my travel head on and racked up a variety of interesting destinations in my search history. Anyone want to take me to Bora Bora? It’s only around £1000 a flight? No?

Here’s some music:

Passenger – Anywhere

“Oh I’ll go anywhere with you” 

Love love love this song. I’ve always liked Passenger, but this song (the video mostly) augmented that like into love. He filmed it all around the world, including my beloved Brighton and makes for very happy viewing.


Tom Walker – Fly Away With Me

“So come on fly away with me, to a place where we can be anyone we wanna be” 

Recently I went to the Sony Relentless Records showcase where Tom was playing. I’d heard about him, but didn’t really know any of his music. After hearing him play I have to admit that I am ever so slightly obsessed. Especially as I know he’s even better live (if that’s possible). He’s playing some gigs around the UK soon, so if you’re about definitely go – he’s only going to get bigger!


As per usual, all of these songs can be found on our Spotify playlist, so please follow along and let us know of your favourite travel songs.





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