#TravelPlaylist 35

Apologies for how long it’s been since I’ve done a travel playlist, my only saving grace is that this today’s is gonna be a damn good one.

I’ve been listening to these two artists almost non stop this week, and I’m super excited to share them.

How’s your week been?


First up, Elle King!

This girl is absolute goals; her voice is so perfect, and her songs are 100% on point. If she could just come to London right now that would be grand.

You’ve probably heard of her song ‘Ex’s and Oh’s’, but I don’t actually think that’s the best of them. If I’m honest I only really considered the rest of her music after hearing her sing the song in the credits for the new Ghostbusters Film; ‘Good Girls’ (Go see it if you haven’t btw) and I’ve been making my way through her back catalogue ever since.

As this is a travel blog, and I always intend for these songs to be played when traveling, I’ve gone for the most obviously relevant one I could find of hers:


Elle King – Ignition (Cover)


Secondly, The Knocks!

Introduced to me by Dan, they’re a cool band that I was a bit upset about when I first heard. I mean, why hadn’t I heard of them earlier?

This song is feat Wyclef Jean, and it’s a definite windows down, hair blowing in the wind as you drive down the highway through gorgeous scenery during summer kinda song. You know the kind.


The Knocks – Kiss The Sky


Have you got any recommendations?








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