#TravelPlaylist 32

It was my birthday this weekend, so I’ve pretty much been listening to music non stop; in the flat, at London Pride (amazing parade; can’t wait for Brighton Pride now!), on the tube, at the party… It’s been a fun one!

I wouldn’t say I have a particular favourite genre of music, so we’ve had a bit of everything on; country, pop, dance, hip hop… Which reminded me of a few gems that I hadn’t heard in a while, but also introduced a newcomer to our party playlists.

What makes a song a party song? To me, it’s one that anyone can pick up and sing along/dance to, even if the don’t know it. I’d say dependent on the tone of your travels, that can also work pretty well for a road trip.


First up, the newcomer…

Prince Royce – Back It Up

If you’re a big fan of latin pop, then you’ll 100 percent know who this is, but as a newbie he was an absolute revelation to us. I’m not sure how we came across him, but we’re all a little bit in love.

His songs are super catchy, and the singing of his own name is on point. (Roycceee)



Secondly, one of those songs that makes a party a party…

Outkast – Hey Ya!




How was your weekend?





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