#TravelPlaylist 30

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m sat in my bedroom drinking a cup of tea out of my long forgotten Norway mug, listening to records and editing a video for next week. It’s rather lovely; I’m all moved and settled in to the new place, and so it’s now time to start exploring the area. Well, I think I might actually swing by the V and A today, which isn’t quite my end, but still!

What are you up to today?

If, like me, you’re having a bit of a lazy one, then hopefully these records will suit. Yes, I know, I call it a travel playlist, and so you might expect every song to be upbeat and inspirational, but I don’t think that’s necessary – not every moment of travel is that way in reality. It just isn’t.

Some of the loveliest moments are those when you’re able to take a step back and actually admire what’s around you, rather than rushing through it, grabbing a quick picture and getting back on the road.

These songs are for those moments:

Louis Armstrong – When You’re Smiling

This is playing on my record player right at this second; if you have any Louis Armstrong records, I suggest putting them on. Otherwise, you can listen via this YouTube clip, below. 


The Kinks – Village Green Preservation Society

From what I think is my favourite Kinks’ album, this song does wonders for a sunny disposition. 


What are your favourite Sunday songs?





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