Food Friday – Wendy’s

In the UK, we are not blessed with many fast food restaurants.  We pretty much have McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Subway and the local chip shop. There are a few other chicken shops but nobody tends to frequent them unless they are blinded by Jägerbombs and shots of Tequila.  (Although, I did thoroughly enjoy my 3am burger from the “Van of Life” in Cambridge on a recent, slightly intoxicated bottle of Jameson night out).

As we are not exactly spoilt for choice, if there was one fast food place in the USA that I could pick up and move to England, it would be Wendy’s.

My first trip to Wendy’s was in 2013, during a very rainy trip to the Grand Canyon.  I remember the food being cheap as chips and tasting pretty good.  There was pretty much nothing to do where we were staying, so sitting in a Wendy’s, waiting for the rain to pass, was all we could really do with our time.

Heading back to the States in April, I knew I wanted to revisit Wendy’s.  I love a good cheap burger and Wendy’s has plenty of choice.  A little about me; I am a bit of a jalapeño obsessive. If there is something on the menu that includes jalapeños, I’m ordering it.  So, of course, my number one choice was the Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken sandwich.  I am pretty sure that it is a limited edition sandwich, and I urge anyone and everyone to give it a go.  Yes, it is spicy, so you may need a tall glass of water to hand if you are not used to the kick, but it is so delicious.  I am one of those people who always pulls apart their burger, whether it is taking out the tomato or the poor excuse for a rasher of bacon.  This one, however, stayed intact.  Everything about it was mouthwateringly good; the flavours all complimented each other so well and I am already regretting not ordering another before the end of the trip…

As mentioned in my previous post, we tried to visit as many fast food restaurants as we could on our East Coast road trip, and Wendy’s is getting a solid 9/10.  Do not be put off by the slightly demonic girl with the freckles and red pigtails, she doesn’t make the food.  If you are in the USA, and reading this, please know that I am forever envious of your restaurant options.

Thanks for stopping by! Much love,

Nai xo


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