#ThrowbackThursday : Brighton Pavilion

Well hasn’t this been a long week! I’m not sure if it’s the warm weather making us all rush a little less, or what, but this week seems to have been gone particularly slowly.

It’s been a while since I remember a proper sticky, hot summer in England. I think the last time I properly got to experience one, was when I lived in Brighton; a seaside town if there ever was one.

So today I thought I’d share this picture taken on one of those sickly summer days, from my student days, when I had the opportunity to spend days on end laying outside on the grass in the sunshine, with a view like this.

When most people think of Brighton, their mind often drifts straight to the beach, but by no means can I say mine does; there is so much more to it, away from the shoreline that needs to be enjoyed.

The Brighton Pavilion (pictured below, peaking out from behind the trees) is one of those; not only is it a museum, but there is a park, an art gallery, and it is connected to the Brighton Dome, where you can go and watch a whole array of shows, including the Comedy Festival, that’s held each year, amongst many others, such as film, yoga and the Fringe, as well as, original Brighton Festival.


Where do you think of as summer?





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