Food Friday: Denny’s Breakfast

In 2013, I spent 4 and a half hours sat in a Denny’s in Los Angeles, California.  This was not by choice. I had left my Mum’s DSLR on a Megabus coach and after a frantic search, I found my only option was to wait for the coach to return. There was a Denny’s just down the road from the stop, so my friend and I headed there and made ourselves comfortable. A giant portion of nachos (with AWLLL the extras), several lemonades and some chicken strips later, the coach reappeared. We had sat in there for hours (I think I fell asleep in the booth at one point); so long that even the waiter (who’s shift had ended) was questioning us on what the hell 2 British girls were doing sat in a Denny’s on the outskirts of LA in the middle of summer. 

You would think that after this hellish experience, I would have no desire to ever return to a Denny’s restaurant. Well, my friend, you are wrong. 

I bloody love Denny’s. 

America does food like no other country. Yes, it’s easy to consume a day’s worth of calories in one meal, but man is it good. We made it our mission on our recent road trip to the States to try as many fast food chains as we could. Holla my health freakz over hurr. Sure, I guess some wouldn’t consider Denny’s as “fast food”, but it was on our list all the same. 

On our drive out of Gatlinburg, TN and on the way to Lynchburg, we stopped at Denny’s for breakfast in Pigeon Forge. Their lunch menu is good, but their breakfasts are the bomb. I went for the All American Slam and oh was it delicious. One of my favourite meals is a full English breakfast; it’s the perfect hangover cure and it makes Sunday’s that little bit better than a Saturday. Denny’s All American Slam comes in so close. I had their Lumberjack Slam in Memphis a few years ago, but it was HUGE, I couldn’t even finish it. The All American was perfect; cheesy eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausage, toast.  I could eat the whole thing right now. 

If you’re not a green juice with avocado toast obsessive and want a cheap, easy breakfast whilst on the road, look up the nearest Denny’s. I can 10/10 guarantee that the endless supply of maple syrup will not disappoint. Oh and try one of the shakes too, they may be about 1000 calories, but they are worth it! 

I may be back soon with more tales of TTT’s fast food adventures in the USA but for now, thanks for reading and happy travels! 

Nai xo 

P.S. I got the camera back….only to smash the lens in San Francisco a few days later… 


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