#FoodFriday: Brits in Walmart

An essential part of going on an American holiday for us Brits, is definitely visiting Walmart. I mean, sure, we have Asda. But it’s no Walmart. If for any reason you don’t know what it is, it’s a giant supermarket that sells one of almost every item imaginable. Aside from fresh made microwave/oven cooked meals. (it’s no M+S) 

It’s an interesting experience… There’s nothing quite like wandering around a supermarket as big as a Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons put together, being utterly baffled by the products around almost every corner. 

After spending more time in the States, I’ve really come to embrace their art of convenience, but Walmart takes it to a new level. You need a burger in a can? Walmart. Fishing licence? Walmart. Every piece of merchandise surrounding the local college football team? Walmart. It’s truly amazing the things you can buy within a 5 metre radius of one another. 

On the last trip we stopped by Walmart at often as we could, to buy as many non essential items as we could carry. My favourite of these items has to be sugar cookies. Hamilton recommended them after providing us with recounts of fond memories involving him eating a whole packet and becoming somewhat of a hyper, problem child for a single, many hour journey. They’re the best thing ever. Sweeter than sugar itself, and horribly sickening, but also completely addictive. They’re called a cookie, but they’re actually essentially a very soft cake with sprinkles on top. If they sold them in the UK my weight would rocket. 

We also bought all the sweets – heads up, Twizzlers are still horrible. No change there. In fact, in my opinion 99 percent of them are. 

It will never cease to amaze us Brits that this is a thing. I’m not sure if it is jealousy or fascination yet though. Perhaps both. Yes, we generally drive to a supermarket, that day by day becomes more full of non household related goods, but for most non household related goods (unless we shop online), we go to the high street and peruse all the options.Yes, probably because we can’t buy them in the supermarket; I don’t know where I would go to purchase a fishing licence, but I sure as hell know it isn’t Sainsbury’s; if everything was available there, we would lose even more of our high streets and the experience of shopping on them. I’m not sure if I’m up for that. 

So basically, well done America for creating the absolute beast that is Walmart. We may well be next with the uprising of Tesco. For now though, I’ll enjoy my little high street outings in England, and dream of sugar cookies. 





One thought on “#FoodFriday: Brits in Walmart

  1. Oh yes, I love to visit Walmart when in the US. We visited some of the other giants too but Walmart was definitely the best 😀 We do have big supermarkets in Finland too but nothing like this. Sugar cookies sound interesting but I think I’ll give them a miss, the sugar high tends to end badly, LOL!

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