#ThrowbackThursday : Zagreb, Croatia

This time last year (give or take a month!), Hamilton and I visited the gorgeous city of Zagreb, which is Croatia’s capital. 

It’s full of wonderful museums (such as The Museum of Broken Relationships, which is in my top 10 favourite museums and the one of the only ones to have ever made me cry) home to lovely people, and the drinks are some of the cheapest around! 

It’s such an affordable city break, if you’re looking for something different I could not recommend there more. It has a lovely atmosphere, a lot going on, and the architecture is absolutely beautiful. 

Where’s your favourite city break destination?





2 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday : Zagreb, Croatia

  1. Oh how interesting, the Museum of broken relationships is now at the Helsinki City Museum! I went in for a quick look but it would’ve required more time, so will have to try again soon.

    I love going to cities I have never visited before. For an easy city break I would say Tallinn, as it’s so cheap and quick to go there from Helsinki. I could always return to London that’s for sure. I would like to go again to Warsaw, we were there for only 1,5 days, so I feel I have more to discover in that historical city.

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    1. No way! You should definitely go and spend some time. Some of the stories are funny, some are tear jerking, but they’re all so beautifully written they’re genuinely affecting.

      I’ve still not been to Helsinki, or Tallinn but I’m dying to go!

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