#FoodFriday: Tune Inn, Washington DC

I briefly mentioned that we visited Tune Inn in a post written earlier this week, but seeing as there was so much to go through, I didn’t get a chance to go into detail about it so I figured food Friday would be the perfect place for it.

In case you missed the post, Tune Inn is a dive bar in Capitol Hill, DC. It’s one of the oldest bars in DC, and I believe the oldest bar in Capitol Hill. It has a seriously local vibe to it, and when we visited which was on a weekend night, it was buzzing with people and had sports on TV, so it had a good atmosphere. It wasn’t one of those places where you walk in and all the heads turn thankfully.

Now, I need to point out that I’ve called it a dive bar because it’s known as one. I didn’t just think it was kinda crappy or anything. I mean, it’s not the Ritz but that’s why it’s a nice place to stop by. Well, it is and it isn’t…


The place itself is pretty cool, and it has some quirky features like deer butts (above) up on the walls (in addition to heads, of course), but the thing that really lets it down is the service. Lord were they unhelpfully rude.

Anything we asked for definitely felt like it was too much.

The food made up for it though. I don’t eat beef or lamb or pig etc, so I assumed burgers were pretty much off limits. Lucky for me though, they did a turkey burger, and I wish that more places did them because it was so, so good.


I’d only give it a 3/5 generally, but as a tourist I actually think it’s a good place to go if you don’t want to be treated like one for once; I don’t think (I could be wrong here) there are that many hotels in the area, so it’s easier not to run into them in places like this, but because of all the (amazing) Smithsonian Museums, it’s quite rightly very busy in DC and finding a place like this isn’t generally that easy.

If you’re hungry and in the area, definitely drop by. It won’t cost you a bomb which is great, but you may have to be patient in being fed. Grab a beer and sit tight.






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