#ThrowbackThursday : 2013 Road Trip

So it’s now the day before we fly out to Washington DC, and as you can imagine I am a tiny bit (very) eager to get going. I’m busying myself with packing, printing and all that malarkey, but it’s easy to get a little preoccupied with Wanderlust on the brain.

My bedroom is covered in remnants from the last USA Road Trip I was a part of, in the way of photos, postcards, prints… So I can’t wait to see what this one will bring.

One of my favourite parts of any trip, are the memories that are brought back, and my way of recollecting these, is of not only through written blogs, but also through videos; there’s potential I’m probably not helping to quell any of this excitement, because I’m currently going through my old USA videos and watching them over and over again.

In order to join in with my anticipation, I would recommend watching this 2 minute video of the last trip, and then telling me/sharing videos all about your favourite road trips.




P.S. This video was posted on my old YouTube channel, which is no longer updated. Please click the link below to subscribe to all the most recent videos, including those from the up and coming trip. Thanks!



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