#ThrowbackThursday: Oslo

Nearly 2 years ago now, three friends and I set off on a little adventure, through (bridges), up (Mountains), across (Actual lakes) and around Norway. This same group of merry men (and women) are those that are partaking in a road trip around America, which begins next Friday, hence why my brain has led me to this particular memory. It’s basically a modern interpretation of the Blues Brothers, except we’re getting friends back together that don’t see each other every day, instead of a band.

Anyway, the trip was gorgeous, and definitely an experience! I’d never driven abroad at this point, or visited Scandinavia; there was A LOT to look forward to, and I’m so glad I got to do it with this group of people. All of them are lovely, fun, and most importantly, interested in wherever the path leads.

Even if that path takes us to very small bunk beds, in incredibly cosy cabins, that seem slightly haunted. What can I say… It only brought us closer. Both physically, and emotionally.


It was in Oslo that we picked up the car and began our road trip adventure (brilliant ps1 game if anyone remembers it btw). She was called Svetlana, a little red Suzuki Swift (see Miranda Lambert, ‘Little Red Wagon‘) and we loved her. Even if it was slightly crammed:

“Ok, yes she was tiny, and had barely any boot so everyone was a bit crammed in. Oh and when we were in it did not enjoy going forward, especially seeing as we spent most of our time going up and down mountains, but you know what, none of that mattered. Between the four of us it worked out ridiculously cheaply (including petrol) and she had a good stereo system. Also, a car any bigger on my first time driving on the other side of the road in a left hand drive car may have been a bit much. (I shouldn’t have been worried though, Norwegian roads are beautiful. I would have been confident driving an van round there.)”

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Have you ever been to Norway? If not, maybe these pictures/posts can give you some inspiration!








4 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday: Oslo

  1. I have been to Norway twice now. The first time was for a road trip which was great as the country is so beautiful. But it’s also very expensive! The second time was to Oslo for a conference and I can honestly say that I saw NOTHING but the conference hotel which was next to the airport. That was a pity 😦 But thankfully I have wonderful colleagues from all over the world and it was just fun hanging out with them (when not at the conference hahah).

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    1. Honestly I didn’t find Norway that expensive – in comparison to London it’s about the same! I think I was expecting it to be much worse. It is insanely beautiful though! That’s such a shame about work travels! Though good you get along with your colleagues 🙂

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