Bank Holiday Monday

The four day weekend is nearly over, and as always, it’s gone by in a flash; I had so many plans…

I did manage to get out and about, and get a lot of things done, especially on Friday – as shown in this (very short) vlog:


But the last couple of days have been quite chilled…  Not long ago we phoned our internet provider to request faster service, and learned that because we live in the middle of nowhere, we can’t have it, so I have accepted that doing anything to do with the internet can and will not happen quickly. Thus, days at home are fairly… slow if I want to search for anything. I have persevered though and have of course spent every spare minute researching travel destinations far and wide.

A lot of fun stuff will be happening on the blog this week; more from Lucy in New Zealand, Canada plans and another Israeli food friday. If you’ve missed any of the aforementioned, they are of course still on the blog, ready for your perusing!

How has your weekend been?

Now, I shall get back to attempting to search for anything on my pre broadband speed internet, before preparing myself for work tomorrow!





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