#TravelPlaylist 25

Happy Easter Sunday!

I sincerely hope that today you are, like me, currently laid under a mountain of chocolate with nothing to do but work your way through it.

This week’s playlist comes courtesy of a couple of things, first, is the amazing Janis Joplin documentary that I watched on BBC 4, called ‘Little Girl Blue’. I’ve had Piece of My Heart on the CD in my car for a long, long time, but if I’m honest I didn’t know much about her. If you have some time, I’d recommend watching the film because she was one hell of a woman.

Janis Joplin – Me and Bobby McGee


Maren Morris – 80’s Mercedes

Secondly, I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I went to the London part of ‘Country to Country’ Festival and that it was likely I would be ever so slightly ‘countried’ out for a little bit afterwards… This was true! But, for a short time only.

I’d never heard of Maren Morris before she performed at the festival, but she was such a sweet girl and when she belted out this amazing song I knew there was no way I’d not be popping her on the playlist (and all of my own personal ones!) at some point.





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