Weekend Wandering: Hyde Park

Hell yes, a 4 day weekend.

I must admit, today I am playing host to an incredibly smug feeling; outside the weather is wet, windy and generally unpleasant, but I know that yesterday we made the absolute most out of a nice day.


Thankfully, in what happened to be beautiful warm weather (for March), myself and two friends had already planned to spend the day together. So we meandered over to Green Park, where we grabbed smoothies before laying down on the grass and watched the world go by. Aka, the strange collection of people that London holds.


Obviously as a free day off from work, we didn’t intend on doing anything too strenuous but we did manage to hire some Boris Bikes, which was the best decision we could have made. If you ever have two quid and some time to spare, I couldn’t recommend hiring one more.


Riding through the park is such a serene experience in comparison to the busy streets a stones throw away. We rode the entire length of the park, past the lake and Princess Diana’s memorial, Kensington Palace and the Royal Albert Hall, and we didn’t actually want to get off!


All of the parks in London are lovely, especially in good weather; in a city where they charge you to go to the toilet, a big free space to wander at your leisure is very welcome and not something to bypass, even if that just means taking a little detour and walking through on your way somewhere, in my opinion!

Here’s a little vlog of our time!

(All filmed on iphone, so apologies for the poor quality!)

How are you spending your bank holiday?





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