Mellow Monday.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Personally, I’m laid up at home because I feel absolutely terrible; nausea galore. I mean, I’m fine as long as I sit absolutely still. It’s working well for me in terms of spreadsheet updating, plus a bit of video editing, but for things like getting up to make tea or do anything outside my arm’s reach, it’s not the best.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 15.42.46.png
A sneak peek at the video I’m working on at present! #HolidayRoad 

Thankfully though, I am joined by my gorgeous little puppy, who is rather good at snuggling.

Don’t worry though, this week’s blogs will not be contained to whatever I can reach out and grab… We of course, have more from Lucy in New Zealand, our plans for America and more throwbacks on thursday, plus food on Friday.

How are you doing today?





P.S. If you’ve got five minutes, please have a gander at our latest YouTube Vlog, and give us a subscribe!


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