Naomi Doesn’t Do Sports

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate exercise. I’m so out of shape, walking up 3 flights of stairs makes me out of breath.  But one thing I will do, is hiking. I love getting outside, exploring somewhere new and taking in a new landscape. 

In less than 3 weeks (OMG!), we will begin our trip to the US, and we are going to be spending a few days in Shenadoah NP and Great Smoky Mountains NP! In the past I’ve always worn old leggings and baggy tees for hiking, so this week, I decided to buy myself some fab new hiking gear! 

New Look have an amazing, affordable sportswear range so I took advantage of my £10 off voucher and ordered a few bits for our trip to the US! 

I also took full advantage of the Black’s sale and ordered some new walking boots. These are by Hi Tec and are currently priced at £35.00, down from £75.00! They are so comfy and the hot pink detail caters to my girlier side. 

I still need to decide what clothes to take for the rest of the trip, but at least I will be the most stylish person in the park. 

(Apart from maybe this one!)


Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

Nai xo  


2 thoughts on “Naomi Doesn’t Do Sports

  1. Very cute hiking boots! I have a nice pair (not this same) but they still don’t feel comfy enough to use for longer hikes. I guess I should try to use them more on shorter walks to “break them in”…


    1. Thanks! I’m going to try and break these in a little bit before we go! I wore Timberlands on our last trip to the States but they really rubbed my heels and ankles on longer hikes so I’m hoping these new ones will be much more comfy! xo

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