Happy Food Friday!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day, filled with much amazing food and love!

I’ve been at work (as per usual), so haven’t had a chance to get out and about in order to explore the best and the brightest new food. Nonetheless, there has been one thing staring me in the face this whole time… The Bluebird Tea Company, as a selection of their teas sit on my desk, acting as both a nice pick me up and something to jazz up my desk other than paperwork.

It’s an independent Brighton company that blends all their own brews, and truly not to be missed. I used to go there all the time when I lived in Brighton, and a gift pack of a selection of their best teas is one of my all time favourite presents.

I like the company so much, if you’ve ever read our about page, you’ll notice it’s listed as our favourite tea place! To clarify, it’s not really a cafe – you can sit in and get a drink, but its more a place to buy interesting tea either made for you or in a pack.

If you’re ever in Brighton, definitely put it on your list and swing by!

My favourites are ‘Skinny Minny’, ‘Coco Chai’ and ‘Earl Grey Creme’, but there are a lot more I’m yet to try – they produce seasonal tea for special occasions, and I want more of them in my life! I’m very much hankering after one of their tea subscription boxes. 

What’s your favourite tea? Do you have any companies to recommend?





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