Well done everyone (in the same time zone as me), you’ve made it through another Monday! Go all out; have a caffeinated beverage. I’m currently on the train home, but I shall make it my priority once I’ve walked through the door/cuddled my puppy.

How was your weekend? 

Mine was excellent, thanks for asking. If you had a moment spare to keep up with us, you’ll know that we’ve had a busy weekend. A good busy weekend, that is. 

On Saturday, Naomi and I went to the sensational (a word I only use when it well and truly applies btw) Country To Country music festival where not only did we get to see the likes of Sam Hunt, Little Big Town (where there is potential Richard Branson is currently residing. Look them up, you may agree with me seeing the likeness) and the queen of country, Carrie Underwood, but we got to see them in a BOX. 

Luxury reviews are unfortunately rarely on our agenda here, so before you assume we’ve robbed a bank, or won the lottery, let me explain that this was, of course, a one off; our fellow blogger, the lovely Gemma, is well connected (don’t pester her though) and managed to get us heavily discounted tickets. For which, we will be forever grateful.
If I ever have the option again, I would always go for a box now. I mean, there’s no queueing, no one elbowing you in your seat, there’s a bar IN THE ROOM and somewhere to sit in between acts other than wedged in between a million other people/in the inevitable queue for the loo. 

After that momentous event, we were joined by Hamilton and Dan, our fellow USA travellers, and we spent Sunday watching my grandparent’s fun throwback video of their trip to Canada in 1992 (a man with a pet raccoon was involved) and planning all the weird and wonderful things we intend on getting up to on our own trip. 

This week, there’s the same schedule as always, with the addition of a new vlog and maybe even, some surprises… 





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