#FoodFriday: Scotland. Part 2: Glasgow.

After spending two days in Edinburgh, I travelled to Glasgow to see my other friend, Fie. Just like Edinburgh, Glasgow was also a plethora of restaurants and bars. Here are three of my highlights!

Delizique – Glasgow

Perfect for brunch, this place has ‘rustic’ down to a tee. In the centre of the venue is a tree with fairy lights, a bright old yellow door is used as a divider and the whole place has a feel of an old warehouse space, with a high ceiling and a windowed front. It also has a market feel as they have an impressive bakery, selling bread, cakes and other sweet and savoury treats. I had salmon on toast…and yes, it was heavenly! With a small amount of covers, this place does fill up quickly! Luckily, cafezique is just next door, and chefs can often be seen running in between the the sister restaurants!


Gin 71 – Central Glasgow

Now, I’m not a gin fan. Or, at least I wasn’t until my gin-loving friend took me to a bar with 71 different types. As a risky first drink I tried rose gin – apparently it was the strongest cocktail they sold (whoops!) but in true adventurous TTT style, I gave it a try, and it was beautiful! I also tried elderflower gin and that was even better! Regardless of whether you are a fan of gin or not, I would recommend visiting!

The building itself is beautiful, the staff are very attentive and the vibe is great – with a jazz soundtrack setting a chilled atmosphere. Be warned: this place is extremely popular. Afternoon tea is served until early evening before it transforms into more of a bar. Be prepared to queue, you cannot book in the evening, and the bouncers informed us that normally the queue goes down the street!


Three Sister’s Bake – Killearn


Set in a village hall, surrounded by miles and miles of stunning Scottish countryside, is this gem. If you love tea and cake, this is for you! Delicious food, beautiful views and friendly service…this has the feel of a traditional village tearoom, but with amazing sweets, savouries and THE cutest branding!



Adventure: I’ve never seen so many different variations of cocktails or cakes or burgers. It’s hard to make a decision!

Home comforts: Both Delizique and Three Sisters Bake have a very homely feel. With their delicious food and friendly, small venues, they are perfect for staying out of that infamous Scottish weather!

Have you been to Glasgow? What were your favourite bars and restaurants? Let me know your recommendations!

Yours, G x



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