There are so many things about Canada that I am extremely excited about. The landscapes, the culture, the cities, the skiing (to name a few)… And of course, the people; I haven’t met very many Canadians in my lifetime. Nonetheless those I have met, I’ve liked tremendously.

There’s one thing about Canada, however, that I am not particularly enthralled about… The weather. I had a rare encounter with a Canadian the other day, in fact, she was from Toronto in particular. She was of course interested in my trip and spoke to me about when she was next visiting etc. Her main question, though, was “Why are you going in April? It’s going to be freezing.”

This, I did not expect.

The last time I was in America, I was too hot at practically every second of the day (It was July tbf). So I figured that going earlier on in the year would be the absolute perfect time because it’s not as busy, hence it’s cheaper and it isn’t as hot.

I didn’t think through the fact that it may well be plain cold there. I mean, I’m British, so I’m used to more cool than warm weather; if the sun is ever so slightly out, I will do my best to bear my legs. Take Hamilton and I’s visit to Croatia last April, for instance. It wasn’t hot by most people’s standards, but did we wear shorts and swim in the actual sea? Of course we bloody did.

This doesn’t particularly help me in knowing what to pack nevertheless, because I can only assume that my relationship with the weather is different to others. Other people were wearing COATS in Croatia whilst we were there. ACTUAL COATS.

Anyway. We aren’t going to the outback or anything, we’re going to cities, so I can always just do the sensible thing and buy some thing if I don’t bring the correct attire. So, back to the matter at hand: TORONTO.

Here there will be just the three musketeers (Hamilton, Dan and I), until the last night when the boys will be flying back to Blighty, and my lovely Mum (yep. She’s the best.) will be flying in to continue the adventure across Canada with me.

This is what we have so far in the way of plans for Toronto:

  • Go to Niagara Falls on the way
  • AXE THROWING (Yes it’s a thing)
  • Historic Distillery District: http://www.thedistillerydistrict.com/
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Tours
  • Casa Loma (Toronto’s only castle)


I have no idea how much of that is actually feasible in what will basically be a day and a half or so in Toronto, but I’m excited about the possibilities. I’ve been to Niagara Falls before, where I did the Maid of the Mist boat trip (and obvs I shall be doing again) but what I didn’t do, and have always slightly regretted, is the Journey Behind The Falls.

Hamilton, Dan and I (and Naomi, but she won’t be there at this point), are no strangers to being behind waterfalls – we actually hiked behind one in Norway. I don’t mean to get everyone’s hopes up, but I think this one may manage to edge that one slightly.

There’s me looking about 12 with a fringe pointing at said waterfall in Norway


Do you have any recommendations on what to do in Toronto? It will also be our last couple of nights together before we split apart… So I’m also up for good evening suggestions! (Drinking permitted).

I truly do appreciate every comment you guys have for us, and I can’t wait to try them out and get back to you, before returning the favour in offering our findings. So, thank you to everyone that has offered any recommendations; they’re much appreciated!

Next week, I’ll be starting to think about Canada!




For more about the road trip, see the links below:


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