Monday Updates

Happy Monday! 

Yep. It’s Monday again, which I can only imagine means most of us are looking similar to my puppy, Bonnie (above)? 

If so, I don’t know what time you’re reading this, but well done for getting this far through the day. You’ve got this. 

Did anyone wake up to snow this morning? I drove through a flurry on my way to the train station, but sadly that’s the most I’ve encountered this winter. Doesn’t stop it from being freezing cold though! 

Don’t worry though, this week’s posts are all about warmth! They’re coming to you from hot climates (namely New Zealand and America), and/or discussing the best way to warm your cold extremities… A cup of tea.What else? 

Plus, there is a new video coming out. Though, it isn’t heat related, I’m afraid. It is fun though, so you can warm yourself up by exercising the muscles used to smile (long shot there, but hey, I’m trying). 

Here’s a screenshot to give you a taster: 

Have a wonderful day! 




P.s here is more from my puppy in case Monday isn’t your favourite: 


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