#TravelPlaylist 22: Country to Country

No, I haven’t decided to put this out on a drunken, Saturday Night whim… (In all honesty, I spent my evening food shopping like a complete lame-o)

Due to my laptop’s stubborn unwillingness to export the video that I was aiming to upload and post today, some craziness is about to happen… The Travel Playlist that is habitually on a Sunday is coming to you on a Saturday.

To make up for the change in schedule, I’m going to post not two songs but THREE. It’s like Christmas, right?

Next weekend, I’m going to Country to Country, which is an awesome annual country music festival at the O2 in London, so in case I’m all countried out by then, here is some country for y’all.

First up, is a song from a Dolly Parton record I bought a couple of weeks ago that I have been listening to over and over and over again. It’s on the same record as Jolene, but I feel like I must have posted Jolene before because it’s a daily requirement for my ears, so here is something different:

Dolly Parton – My Tennessee Mountain Home

Isn’t she gorgeous?!


The next two are playing live at the event. They are also very much buried into my ear holes due to the amount of listens:

Sam Hunt – Ex To See

This guy is far too attractive for his own good. I’m preparing my ears for the screaming next weekend. Mostly coming from my own mouth, in all likelihood.

The last song is by the legends, Miranda Lambert, and Carrie Underwood. I won’t be there on the day that Miranda plays, but it doesn’t mean I can’t home and dream that Miranda will come on to sing this with Carrie, because it’s in my top 10 country favourites and it would ever so slightly make my life. I’ve heard rumours she performs is solo live though, so fingers crossed for that if a duet isn’t possible.

Miranda Lambert Ft. Carrie Underwood – Somethin’ Bad

The silver boots!!


Have a lovely evening!






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