#FoodFriday: Scotland. Part 1: Edinburgh.

Recently, I went to Scotland to see two friends from university: one in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow. Scotland is known for it’s beautiful countryside and shocking weather! Whilst on my mini-tour I realised how it is that they cope with the latter: by staying in the warm and enjoying THE best food. This is my whistle stop tour of some of the places I visited in Edinburgh!

The Boozy Cow – Hipster, hipster, hipster! Cocktails with funky names, neon lights and burgers as their specialities. Cocktails are lovely, but a little dear.

The Scran and Scallie – owned by Tom Kitchin – Michelin-starred chef. Gastropub doing pub food but better than you’ve ever had it! Try the beef, it melts in your mouth! Amazing value for such delicious food!

Under the Stairs – really cool, below ground level, small bar, with table service, candlelight and a wall full of mirrors. Gin is the speciality here.

Mary’s Milk Bar – hot chocolate taken seriously. Extra creamy and chocolatey, with an option for an ice cream float!

unnamed (3)

Holyrood 9a– dark, busy, casual. Life changing burgers. Try ‘The Holyrood’, with Hereford Hop cheese, beer mustard and caramelised onion Mayo…I am contemplating visiting the city again just to have another one. Would also highly recommend the pineapple daiquiris!

Potting Shed eccentric, garden-themed cocktails! Rose flavoured gin, with a rose in the glass, served in a tea pot, what’s not to love?

unnamed (4)

The Dome – hidden away, as though it were a private member’s club, this is the hidden gem of the city! The building divides into two main rooms. One is wood panelled and gives the impression of a men’s smoking room, whilst the other hosts a stunning glass ceiling. The pictures speak for themselves!

unnamed (5)

unnamed (6).jpg

La Favourita – simply put, best pizza I’ve ever had, incredibly cheap considering how amazing the food is and very popular (would recommend booking!).

Here’s what I have learnt about the food and drink in Edinburgh:

Everything is good value. Considering how amazing everything is, it is either underpriced or worth the value. Everytime I saw the price of a meal, I thought about the fact that it would be 2/3x the price in London. 
Cocktails. Strong and unusual. You won’t find a ‘sex on the beach’ or ‘cosmo’ here. Instead, you’ll find a more sophisticated array of flavours.
Style. Apart from the Dome, every place I went to was very casual and very welcoming! The food really stood out and the relaxed atmosphere made the whole experience even more enjoyable. 

Food. I’ve had a lot of burger and pizzas in my time and am bored of both. I had both the best pizza and the best burger of my life in this city. Life changing stuff. 

Have you been to Edinburgh? Any bars, cafes, restaurants, pubs that you’d recommend?

Yours, G x

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