#TBT : Oxford, England

This weekend, Naomi and I will be visiting Lucy in Cambridge, for a little staycation. We have a long old list of things we will be doing and I CANNOT wait. I will of course post more about our adventures afterwards.

Sometimes when you’re living your everyday life in somewhere extraordinary, it can be easy to forget just how amazing your surroundings are. I personally don’t live too far from Oxford, but I very rarely go there.

Thinking forward to this weekend, and looking back at the time I have spent in Oxford makes me wonder exactly why I don’t make the effort, and reminds me that I really should.


There are so many amazing museums in Oxford, most of which are owned by the university and so therefore are free. I could spend days wandering around them, especially the Pitts River Museum, which houses amazing objects from around the world. It’s a little bit like walking through a fancy version of your Nan’s front room, but that’s the fun of the fair. Each corner brings you closer to a different part of the world.


As well as the museums, there is a tonne of nightlife; bars and clubs, as well as, great dining and cafes. Plus, simply walking through the streets is pleasant – there aren’t too many cars as they do their best to keep them out of the city centre. On a nice day, you would find it difficult to do better than a stroll around Oxford.


Hopefully this weekend will be the start of more English exploring.





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