Happy Monday! Time to reminisce about the weekend…

Apologies for my exuberance. There is potential my written self is more excitable at this time of the morning on a Monday than my physical being. My real self is drinking tea huddled under a blanket attempting to open my eyes whilst dress myself and entertain my overly awake puppy… It’s a struggle.

This is the result of a busy, but very good weekend. I live outside London, but work inside hence I often find myself seeing all the amazing things that go on but suffer from massive amounts of FOMO because I never have time to do them.

So this weekend (as I mentioned in Saturday’s post) we set out to do all the things. That’s right, all of them. Everything we’d kept pent up for a while (including my friends that actually live inside London). So we went to Shoreditch (yes, I went there a couple of weeks ago. But this time we were record hunting as opposed to jackets. Big difference.)

I truly do love Shoreditch. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Yes, it’s a bit hipster and too cool for it’s own good. But maybe, just maybe, that’s why I like it.

We got Dosas (see a fab recipe for the beaut South Indian dish right here) from a street food place in Spitalfields, then went into the basement of the Old Truman Brewery to the Brick Lane Vintage Market and wandered around contemplating all the cool things we wanted, but definitely did not need. One of these things, was a Dolly Parton record for myself. It was a fiver, so I went all out and bought it. I mean, it has Jolene on it, what else could I have done?

After this, we went to Tottenham Court Road to hunt down some second hand camera lenses, but sadly couldn’t find the 35mm I’m after. But, we did go to a good tea place that is one of Hamilton’s haunts (YumChaa), where I’m regretting not buying some bags of loose tea from… They do hot tea, iced tea, lattes, in all forms of their own brews. Can’t ask for more really. Except for one inside my house, if poss.

It was getting later at this point, and we had it in mind to go to the National Theatre to see Wonder.Land. I’d read about it in Time Out London, and heard good but weird things, but didn’t actually have a clue what it was about… Basically, I didn’t have my heart absolutely set on going, but was excited at the prospect. I worked at the National Theatre briefly last year, and am in love with the place, but neither Hamilton nor Dan had been there before so it seemed like the perfect time. I mean, we’re all self confessed lovers of niche.

We knew it was right when we came across the displays on the floor below the ticket counters, where you could engross yourself in www.wonder.land (real website fyi) and we spent about 30 minutes distracted before we remembered we didn’t even have tickets and this may be all we’d get to see. It was Saturday night in half term, and the weather was awful, so I didn’t have my hopes up for getting tickets… Amazingly we went to the counter and she told us that after 6 45 she’d be able to sell us tickets in the stalls for £15 each. They’re usually about £45. So we grabbed a bite to eat downstairs, then ran back up and got three tickets half an hour before we were due to be in the theatre.


A bit last minute, but it’s such a good option if you don’t get stressed about these things. It was a lovely surprise to be able to get our hands on the tickets and I’m so glad we did.

I mean, it was absolutely MAD. That’s the only way I can describe it. It’s basically a modern day reworking of Alice in Wonderland, with the idea that the hole she gets lost in isn’t physical, but is instead the internet, and it’s shown through dance, graphics, music, costuming, songs, sets… It’s super fun and if you embrace the craziness, a really cool thing to watch. If you don’t think it’s your thing, you may have a confusing few hours.

Some genuinely unexplainable things happen in it, because it’s so visual, but to give you some examples, in one scene zombies climb out of a sky scraper and fight a head teacher, a chicken sometimes appears on stage, there is a giant square thing that is meant to be a mouse but looks more like a terrifying toe… I say all that in a positive light though, honest.

Here’s the trailer, decide for yourself if it’s up your street:


We then retired for some drinks at home, before waking up bright* (*dozy) and early* (*not that early) and headed to the Victoria and Albert Museum. I’ve been there a few times, and seen a few exhibitions – the last one I saw was about Wedding Dresses through the ages and it was absolutely fabulous.

It’s a lovely place to visit because A) It’s free B) It’s huge C) The inside is so varied, you can wander round and probably see a different thing every day. If you want to spend a day in London on a budget, South Kensington should be your first stop; it holds the key to amazing museums – Natural History Museum, National Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert. All of which, are free. (Aside from exhibitions/some special events)

For some reason I thought that the Vogue exhibition was happening at the V and A, so kind of expected to go to that, but turns out that is actually at the National Portrait Gallery right now… Thankfully though, it’s there until May, so the mistake isn’t too detrimental. I did get to see some big columns and lots of nude statues though, so I can’t complain.

So, if you’re visiting London at this time of year be prepared for wind, rain, and lots of people rushing. To be honest, prepare for that in London at any time of year. Anyway, planning inside things is a good idea because the weather is quite unpredictable. At the moment, for example, wind is top of the list. But you never know, next week it could be snow. There are so many museums and plays and musicals and attractions to go to that don’t involve being outside, I would do them now and then head to the zoo and parks later on in the year. Yes, you’ll suffer with crowds, but hopefully you won’t suffer with being damp and cold. I mean, you’re welcome to go and lay in Hyde Park right now, but I can’t promise how pleasant it will be.

I’ll post more photos and videos when I’ve got more time, but I think this is already long enough for a Monday morning!

Keep watching the blog, we’ll be posting every day as per usual 🙂 This week we’ve got more New Zealand, America and.. Tea.

Have a delightful day! I’m off to LFW…





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