Weekend Wandering

This weekend we’re in London Town, England, enjoying all the splendours this rainy city can provide. 

Today, we’ve returned to Shoreditch for amazing street food (Dosas) and vintage shopping (I may have purchased a cheeky Dolly Parton record!), before wandering down Tottenham Court Road to browse second hand camera accessories (sadly didn’t find the 35mm I’m after!) and drink Yum Chaa tea. 

Right now, we’re at The National Theatre where we’ve managed to scoop up last minute £15 tickets for ‘Wonder.Land’, the new musical take on Alice in Wonderland, which we are incredibly excited about. You may have seen it in the press, especially seeing as the gorgeous Kendall Jenner did some press photography for it. It’s meant to be a bit out there so I don’t really know what to expect… 

There’s a display upstairs in the National Theatre with all sorts of weird and wonderfully fabulous interactive exhibits you can sink your teeth into before going to see the real thing, so I’m beginning to get an idea… 


I’ll let you know soon how it is! It has amazing reviews so I have high hopes… 

Tomorrow we’re going to wander round the Victoria and Albert, as Hamilton has never been, and then visit the stunning Neasden Temple, near Wembley, that I funnily enough visited when I was at school. 

It’s been very rainy, and cold, but we’re making the most of our time nonetheless!

I’m filming and photographing along the way so I’ll give you some *helpful* information soon. 

How’s your weekend? 





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