The photo was stolen from a friend of mine, by the way… I had such a good time when I was last there that I forgot to take any photos!

7 weeks to go! 

I’m sorry if you’re bored of these posts. Well, you know what… Sorry, not sorry. Because this time (roughly) in April, we’ll be in my spiritual home and televisual favourite place…. Nashville, Tennessee. 

I’ve been before, but didn’t get to stay in the centre of town so this time we’re ensuring our hotel is as central as our budget will allow. 

If you’ve never been to Nashville, there are a few things you need to know: 

1) It’s one of the coolest places in existence

Everyone there is super duper cool. We wandered the streets open mouthed at how cool last time. We even found new fashion idols (they were wearing bandanas around their legs). I think it has a funny reputation for those not in the know, but honestly it’s modern, chic and got all the newest things going on. Which brings me to my second point… 

2) It isn’t just about country music (though it is alive and well, and a big part of life there)

Amazingly before visiting Nashville last time, I wasn’t a big fan of country music. I didn’t really get it, as it wasn’t something I thought I could relate to. I thought of country music as something for older people, and could only list songs I was forced to listen to on my grandad record player. Visiting Nashville completely changed my perspective as I realised how much more there is to it. It’s everywhere in Nashville. BUT it isn’t the only thing. I wasn’t a fan last time, and I still had an absolute blast.

3) The food is out of this world 

Just bring me all of it on a plate please. Especially fried chicken. And ice cream. And milkshake. Ermagerd I can’t even. 

4) It’s got a lot going on

That might sound like a strange thing to say, but I don’t know how else to phrase it. A lot of new startups happen in Nashville. As a place it welcomes creators and inventors. There are fashion weeks and film festivals and all sorts of events coming out your ears. 

5) You need to go.

I don’t think I need to say any more. If you’re still not swayed, promise me you’ll at least watch the TV series though?

A lot of the things I’ve listed are damn good reasons to go. To move there, even. Below are our current ideas for things to do in the space of a couple of days there: 
– Jack Daniels Distillery

– Line Dancing

– Country Hall of Fame – Naomi to be inducted

– Grand Ole Opry: Cheeky backstage tour?

– Night Out 

– Downtownnnn

– Buying all the souvenirs – boots, hats, all the hatch show prints, a glass Tennessee jar to replace the one Abi broke…

– Savannahs Candy Kitchen 
Is there anywhere else you recommend visiting? We’re going on a weekend, and it’s going to be one of our group’s birthday by the way! 






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