Monday Updates

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day, whether single, mingling or with that special someone!

Personally, I celebrated Galentines Day, which equals good old fashioned rom coms and takeaway food with old friends and, new… The new being a small, white, bundle of fluff that has been nicknamed “cloud”, “bear” and, “Simon Le Bon.”

She’s an 11 week old cavachon puppy, and she looks like this:


She’s now laid on my lap attempting to eat my laptop, after an exhausting time chasing leaves in the garden. You’ll probably see her featuring more in these posts, as apparently there’s nothing she doesn’t need to be involved in. She’ll be out for proper walks soon.

Aside from Bonnie, this week on the blog we talk about New Zealand, Nashville, and taste some amazing tea.

Have a good week!





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