If you’re ever in London, Shoreditch is such a good place to explore. Yes, it’s cold right now and there are a million and other other people around, but that’s all of London really, plus there are markets galore (including ALL the street food) and all the food you could ask for. It’s a bit overwhelming, if anything.

I love meandering around the area, because in all honesty, it really reminds me of Brighton which is my absolute happy place. Like it’s seaside variant, it’s a bit too cool for it’s own good; full of hipsters and a tad over priced, but hey, it’s fun and interesting, and a great place for discovering your own favourite hangouts.

I went looking for a vintage suede jacket, which of course, I found with absolute ease. No it wasn’t cheap, but there’s an amazing selection… If you know where to look.


Take two steps and vintage clothes are in your face, but the four best places in the area (imho), that stock the most bitchin threads (That’s how the cool kids are speaking nowadays, right?) are:

  • BlitzApparently the biggest vintage shop in Europe, with a wide selection of stuff, though quite similar to other stores in the area, and not necessarily better priced. Still worth a visit though. 
  • Beyond Retro: The one in Brighton used to keep me happy for hours, and this one doesn’t disappoint either. It’s a warehouse style place, with a lot of cool finds. A bit of rummaging is necessary, obvs, but that’s half the fun. 
  • Rokit: I’ve been buying stuff online from Rokit for a while, so it’s cool to visit their actual shop. I love a lot of their own makes, and I actually think some of their stuff is better value than other places. It isn’t quite as big, but that’s nice in some ways as you don’t get too lost in amongst the racks! 
  • The Brick Lane Vintage Market (Open Thursdays – Sundays): It’s underground, so seems a bit dodgy when you first walk down, but once you get there, it’s filled with stalls selling everything all the cool kids are after, from records, to leather waistcoats, to fox skins (I ran past from that stall as quickly as I could ngl). The people are super friendly and really interested in everything they’re selling. If you can’t get down there, I know that some of the sellers have their own ASOS Marketplaces, so you can shop from the comfort of your own home if you so please. 

Of course, there are loads of other places you can swing by, such as Old Spitalfields Market, the Peruvian restaurant Andina, or any one of the numerous hip coffee places. It’s also filled with cool micro breweries, and bars (such as this), so you can stay there from dawn til dusk and still be occupied.


I mentioned yesterday that I went to The Diner in OSM, which is a chain restaurant that does AMAZING American food. I went for buttermilk chicken with waffles and a milkshake, and my god was it good. Plus, it made me super excited for all the food we’re going to eat when we visit real life America again this April.



It’s a little bit of a pain to get to the stations that are right near it (for me, and most of my friends anyway), but it’s an easy 10 minute walk from Liverpool Street so I’d recommend doing that.

Where’s your favourite Shoreditch Haunt?





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