Ask any of my friends what my favourite food is and they’ll immediately tell you pasta. I am addicted to the stuff. Having had it for 75% of my meals (both lunch and dinner) for three years whilst at university, you would have thought I’d be sick of it? Nope.
Ask my closest friends and they’ll tell you about my slight obsession with Mac and Cheese. It’s the love of my life. Who needs a soulmate when you have Mac and Cheese? It IS your soulmate: it’s always there when I need it to be? It never lets me down, and it makes me oh-so happy!
So, this obsession became a bonding point between a colleague and I. You can imagine our utter joy when we decided to search for ‘London’s Best Mac and Cheese’ and we decided to dedicate part of our Saturday to tracking down one of the top three: Tom’s Kitchen in Chelsea.

Tom’s Kitchen is the product of Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens, so we had high expectations and were a little nervous that we wouldn’t quite fit in! Located in an old town house, the restaurant is fairly small and has a large, airy feel with a busy atmosphere. The staff were absolutely delightful and found us a table within minutes! But, let’s face it, the star of the show was the good ol’ M&C!


It was heavenly! Really cheesy, truffled and with melted cheese of top, we were besotted. Note the chips in the picture? They weren’t even eaten, the Mac was THAT good. And value was surprisingly amazing, £12! We couldn’t believe it. Would definitely recommend it for those that wish to enjoy their guilty pleasure in a beautiful surrounding!
A couple of weeks later I found myself in the couple-fest that is Winter Wonderland. And right in the centre of it all was a stand for The Mac Factory, another cult favourite. Based in Camden, these guys describe their food as ‘gourmet’ (this is serious business). Oblivious to any festive offering of food, I made a bee line for this wonder. And it did not disappoint.

That wonder in the picture is Mac and Cheese taken to a whole new level. On top of the M&C was pesto, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella, topped with a parmesan and thyme crumble. It was inspiring, I was even generous enough to share it with my gal pals!
So there you have it, as a self confessed Mac-a-holic these are two fabulous little places that I have discovered thus far.

Got any recommendations? Think you know somewhere better? (And no, your mum’s version doesn’t count! ;)).

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, even if they are a little…cheesy 😉
Yours, G x


  1. Mrs Suvi says:

    I love pasta but have never liked Mac n Cheese – maybe I haven’t found a good version yet? I think I would love to give the Mac Factory’s version a taste, it looks yummy.


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