#ThrowbackThursday : Our Favourite Instagrams from this January

Winter is SUCH a beautiful time. There has been hardly any snow where I live (there was snow one morning, but I’m not sure it even deserves that name. It was more of a light dusting), so seeing all these beautiful scenes on Instagram has been making me somewhat jealous. Then again, I don’t have to deal with the day to day toils of snow, so in some ways, Instagram is the perfect way to enjoy it. (I’m going to keep telling myself that anyway)

I meant to do this last Saturday but it completely slipped my mind; here are my favourite Instagrams from January:

All of these instagrammers put out THE most beautiful content, so I would definitely recommend checking them out! 


Quand les nuages, la brûme , et l'eau se rencontrent ceci deviens une peinture ! Une montagne du Québec dont j'avais oublié le magnifique paysage ! When the clouds, haze, and water meet, this become a painting! A mountain of the #Québec which I had forgotten the beautiful landscape! At left you can see Île d'Orléans lost in the lake . There are 2 trails winter to get to the Summit, we used the microspikes because several steep sections were frozen. If you want to see other beautiful lakes in mountain locations, I grouped them in my hashtag #gri_mountainlakes with @jocdushiker #montsteanne#fleuvesaintlaurent#iledorleans#grigriquebec#fog#igersquebec#quebecoriginal#nordicinspiration#explorecanada#greathnorthcollective#outdoorwomen

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iceland vibes ❄️

A post shared by tiffany nguyen (@tiffpenguin) on



Let's get lost together…✨❄️✨❄️

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🤘🏼 . P: @kellykaris.visual @woodwardcopper

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Plus, here’s a sneaky one of our own…










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