Only 9 weeks to go until our East Coast USA / Canada Road Trip!

That might sound like a lot, but in reality, it’s not; a lot of places have already started to get booked up and time is going very, very quickly.

Hence, I present to you the second stop on our tour: Shenandoah National Park, where we’ll be for two days. You’ve heard it in the folk song, but have you been there? I, have not. Nor have any of my fellow travel comrades. But we are VERY excited, and I have read a bunch about it. This doesn’t mean I am 100 percent on what’s ‘Good’ to do though. As I said in last week’s post, personal recommendations (especially from your worthy mouths) are like gold dust and I would be forever in your debt, if you have any good ones.

We will of course be discovering our own whilst we’re there, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared right? (she says, trying to convince herself she’s not obsessively over organised..)



We’re planning to stay at Skyland, which is within the National Park, simply for that reason – there isn’t that much within the park, and it would be amazing to be in the vicinity of where everything is. Especially seeing as we’re only there for two nights!



It’s not too far from Washington DC, but I’ve heard there are some fun road side stops along the way (seriously, some of my favourite parts of a road trip are the hilarious, off the wall, stop offs – world’s largest bottle of alcohol, anyone?)

Our plans so far are generally just hiking. I’ve read up and Rose River Falls/Hawksbill and Overall Run Falls loop are top of the list.

I’d love to visit some small towns though – does anyone have any recommendations of some nice places to stop by? Any thrift stores? Large bottles of alcohol?



Legit not a clue. Skyland has a restaurant, but I have heard the area is full of culinary delights?


If you’ve been there, or even better, live there, and feel like passing some suggestions our way, please comment below and/or get in contact via our many social media pages (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Tumblr)








  1. I am excited for you as well! I used to live in Maryland but unfortunately never been to Shenandoah. I didn’t find my love for outdoors and hiking until I moved to CA. Sorry, I don’t have anything to offer but I look forward to read about your road trip and hiking adventures!

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