#FoodFriday : Leon

This is a bit of a random one, but to continue on with the attempt at eating well on my part, I wanted to talk about the healthy and delicious fast food chain, Leon. I last had it at the airport just before Hamilton and I went to Munich, but I used to be there all the time when I worked in central London (Where most of their branches are). I now work out west, and there aren’t any branches near my office, so thankfully (for my bank account) I’m unable to frequent it as much. 

They have a really great menu, ethos and their decor is super fun too. This legit isn’t an advert for them (though I guess it may as well be!) it’s just a recommendation, that if you’re looking for something quick and easy, but also nutritious and you spot a Leon, I’d make a bee line for it. 

They’re only in London at the moment, so I know you may have a million other food places you’re looking to try (such as Ethos, just off Oxford Street. Not cheap, but Delish. Trust me.) but nonetheless, if you’re on a museum day or just busy, it’s fab to fill yourself up with something tasty and good for you. I’m a little bit obsessed with their breakfasts. (Porridge with dark chocolate and banana is the one). 

I’m really regretting looking through their menu now. I mean, it’s great, but I can’t have any. 

Anywa! Find more info here:


They do have a cookbook (which is on my wish list – I know it’s good though, from drooling over my friends’ copies), so if you can’t get to London I’d suggest grabbing yourself one for some good eats. I really need to get on it myself… If you do have one / get one, let me know what you make so I can get some inspiration. 


Can we have one in West London now please Leon? Or maybe I can get a free cook book? (Only half joking here) 
Are there any good chains local to you, that you’d recommend for a quick, healthy snack? They can be hard to come by! 

Happy Weekend!





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