Travel Playlist 16

As with every Sunday, it’s playlistttt time. This week we have the special treat of a request from our very own Naomi, which I’m kind of kicking myself for not thinking of first. Enjoy!

Firstly, to celebrate the release of one of the coolest guys in the music biz’s new album, aka the one and only King Charles’, this week’s playlist of course has to include some of his beautiful music. 

Fun fact: Hamilton and I once saw him in the flesh and it was super lovely and great. 

In case you’re yet to hear of him, here is one of my past favourites: 

Bam Bam – King Charles 

And if you like that, I’d definitely suggest checking out his new album, ‘Gamble for a Rose’. Here’s the track of the same name: 

Gamble For A Rose – King Charles 

And here is Naomi’s truly inspired addition: 

Holiday Road – Lindsey Buckingham

Aka, the theme song from the National Lampoon’s Vacation films. How I’ve ever made a playlist without it on up until now I’m not sure. 




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