TBT: Top 5 On the Road Photos

Well that has a rather nice ring to it.

Over the years we’ve been on a few solid road trips, and taken all the photos. With our next one rapidly approaching (11 weeks and counting), I’m definitely in the mood for one. Thus I thought I’d look back and remind myself of all the gloriousness of the road. As in, literally, taken whilst in the car. (Though not whilst I was actually behind the wheel. Obviously.)

Colorado, USA

It might not be the best quality, but it properly sums up this part of the road trip we took between New York and San Francisco. At this point we were driving over the rockies, it was glorious sunshine and, as the sign merrily points out, had already been honky tonkin’ on Broadway.


Alesund, Norway

This photo was taken in the longest road tunnel in the world. Upon driving into the tunnel we had no idea how long it was. After 10km, we started to get an inkling this wasn’t any ordinary tunnel. These blue lights exist to keep drivers awake, but in all honesty they just enlighten the strange experience and almost make it seem more dream like.


Somewhere in between Zagreb and Plitvice, Croatia

This was the first day we picked the car up in Croatia – we were driving through all these tiny, adorable little Croatian villages and then this road just started to open out as we approached the hills. It was so windy and idyllic, I made Hamilton stop the car so I could get out and snap it!


Somewhere near the western fjords, Norway

This photo properly takes me back to this trip; winding roads, gorgeous scenery, and our little red Suzuki ‘Svetlana’. Bless that little car, it did it’s best but with four of us in the car plus luggage, it couldn’t manage much speed!


The Alps, France

We were in convoy here, which is always fun – we were going to a resort that I can’t even remember the name of, high up in the mountains. This was just before we reached the crazy snowy bit, which was lucky really – snow plus these windy roads probably wouldn’t have ended that well!


These are only a handful of the hundreds that have been taken over the years – it was so hard picking out only 5! It’s only going to get more difficult with April’s trip though (Hopefully)!





2 thoughts on “TBT: Top 5 On the Road Photos

  1. Road trips are so much fun. Our style of road tripping is a bit stressful though as we never reserve hotels in advance. This often means stressful evenings trying to find accommodation especially because our road trips are usually during peak holiday times when hotels are full. Maybe next time we will change our style 😉 I really want to do a road trip in Bulgaria and Romania soon.

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