Monday Updates

Happy Monday Everyone!

A lot is happening in the Travel Tea Tv world right now. Well, sort of; things have happened and we’re finally getting around to sharing them with you. Plus, there’s lots of fun stuff coming up that we’re struggling with not blurting out.

It’s January, and it’s cold. Hence, we aren’t getting out and about as much as we might usually do, nonetheless this week we have posts from Naomi’s trip to New York, Lucy’s trip to New Zealand, and very excitingly, a short write up of my day in Ipswich (A post I’m sure you’ll be waiting with bated breath for. I mean, I did buy some local tea whilst I was there that I’m excited to try.)

If that’s not enough for you, make sure to keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook, because there are loads of great TV shows on at the moment and we’re catching up on our books/film viewings, so have tonnes of recommendations on what to see and read.

Finally, we have the first video from our Christmas trip to Munich up on our new YouTube channel:

What are you up this week?





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