#FoodFriday : Sweets

It’s January, and so I am of course currently enduring the annual attempt at eating well. So far it’s going very well, but that doesn’t mean I’m not tempted. Specifically, by pretty much anything sweet. I could live without savoury foods if I had to, but my god, not sweet.

Here’s me with a big ice cream in Dubrovnik / one of my most favourite things

Nevertheless, just because I’ve decided not to eat sugary foods, doesn’t mean I can’t write about them though…

If you aren’t British, ‘sweets’ may be a confusing term. To clear it up, it means candy. Things like strawberry laces, maoam, mint humbugs, lollipops… Basically, sugar. Hence the term ‘sweets’. I will point out now though that ‘A sweet’ can also mean dessert.

Anyway, there are a few sweets that I do very a bad job of resisting. Perhaps, (though I doubt it) writing about them can help subdue my cravings.

Number one: Drumstick Squashies



Drumsticks are not chicken. Drumsticks are milk and raspberry flavoured chewy lollies (see above). Squashies are the same flavour, but in a sweet form that is chewy but doesn’t get stuck in your teeth. Aka, drops of heaven.

Number two: Mint Humbugs


An absolute classic. Mint on the outside, toffee on the inside. Something else I could eat a million of.

Number 3: Refreshers


They make these in squashie form too but do not buy them; they are terrible. It says lemon flavour, but to be honest, I wasn’t actually aware of that until now. All I know is that they’re chewy and sweet and have sherbet in the middle and are amazing.

What are your favourite sweets? (Candies)


Urgh. You know what, as expected, this post has just turned into me dreaming of sweets that so far I’ve managed to avoid. Hence, I’m going to move on and talk about ways of still fulfilling your cravings, but without wrecking your diet.

I personally have recently bought into all the new trends; spiralising, agave nectar, coconut oil, quinoa. All that jazz.

Except avocado and kale – sorry, but I’m not a fan.

Anyway, enough general discussion on what I do and don’t like to eat. Here’s something helpful; Wild Dish, a great YouTube series I work on all about healthy food from around the world. (I may a bit biased but it’s good I promise)


Sorry for this slightly random Food Friday. We’ll be back to business next week.





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