USA / Canada Road Trip 2016: We’ve booked our flights!

After nearly 3 years, we’re finally returning to the good old US of A. I’ve mentioned our ideas and plans for this trip before, but now the time has actually come to start booking things…


This weekend we booked our flights: none of them are exactly the same, as we’re all doing different bits to the trip. Personally, I’m flying out from London to Washington, and then flying back from Vancouver. It’s a bit daunting when you actually look at the distance between the two places, but I have a month to get there, so I’m sure it will be fine!

We’re flying out with Wow Air, which is never not going to be slightly hilarious to me. We booked with them mostly because they’re the cheapest, but also on the date we want to fly its the quickest. The next more expensive flight costs roughly £300 more, and takes another 20 hours… Which is a bit crazy considering it only takes about 9 hours to fly there anyway.

I was a little bit hesitant at first booking with this airline (I mean, they’re called Wow Air), but I’ve read a few reviews about them (such as this) and am actually quite excited now. They sound really fun so hopefully the experience will be too.

Part of the reason they’re so much cheaper, is because it’s an Icelandic Airline, so you have a stopover in Iceland but ours is very short so I’m not too bothered by it. It’s also because, like any budget airline, you have to pay for any extras. This includes baggage, food and everything in between. We even went all out and booked XXL seats… Even with this, it’s still way cheaper than any other airline.

I can’t say whether I’ll recommend them yet or not… But I’m really hoping to be able to.

The Route 

The trip is sort of split into two parts for me, in that the first part is with my friends, road tripping round east coast USA (Washington – Chicago / Toronto) and then the second part is with my Mum, where we’re going from Toronto – Vancouver, via planes, trains and automobiles.

It’s going to take some complex co-ordination within the next few months (less than 3 and counting, actually!) to get it all right, but I’m excited about the planning (as always). I’ve already looked at each part to ensure it’s doable, which I know it is. It’s just a case of sorting out the specific logistics now.

If you have any suggestions for us, I would LOVE to hear them. We need all the advice we can get really!

Here is our route:

Part 1

Washington – Shenandoah – Great Smokies – Nashville – Chicago – London – Toronto

Part 2

Toronto – Ottawa – Montreal – Banff – Vancouver

The second part is the most confusing at present, as we’re looking at driving from Toronto to Montreal, then flying from Montreal to Banff, and then getting the train from Banff over the Rockies to Vancouver, where we have family.

Has anyone done anything similar? Or have any suggestions of anywhere not to miss? Trails, Museums, Roadside attractions, eateries… Anything!





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